Induction Cleaning for all engines

Induction Cleaning for all engines

BG Induction Clean for all engines

Together with BG products SCN Vehicle Repairs also offer engine induction cleaning

To make vehicle purchasing seem more desirable with lower long term service costs modern engines have extended service intervals. Unfortunately, there are negative side effects of long life servicing.

As well as lubricating your engine the oil also absorbs carbon.  As the oil ages and the miles build the oil starts to become less effective and stops absorbing the carbon. The carbon will then work its way past pistons and into breather systems and together with EGR technology will end up clogging both the inlet system and the exhaust system, eventually leading to:

  • A loss of power
  • Rough cold running
  • EGR faults
  • Emission related warning lights and fault codes
  • Turbo failures including variable vane turbo sticking and seizing due to carbon build up
  • Complete engine failure

All of which can be very expensive to repair and often involve the engine being stripped down and cleaned manually.

The good news…there is a service that can be carried out alongside your regular service that clears the carbon build up before it starts to become a problem

BG Induction Clean is a specially designed cleaner that is injected at controlled intervals into the intake manifold of the engine. The cleaner targets carbon build up and over the course of 2 hours breaks the carbon down and burns it off safely resulting in a cleaner, more efficient engine.

The clean targets:

  • EGR Valves
  • Throttle bodies
  • Inlet valves
  • Piston and piston rings
  • Exhaust lambda sensors
  • Exhaust DPF ( Diesel particulate filter )
  • Variable Vane Turbo Chargers

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